What is health surveillance?

Health surveillance is an important element of occupational health services and risk management strategies. Health surveillance programmes that are applicable under the Health and Safety Legislations are known as statutory health or medical surveillance. Statutory health surveillance is required for workers who are exposed to specific health risks such as Hand Arm Vibration, Noise and Respiratory sensitisers.

The law requires certain health surveillance assessments be carried out by the HSE appointed doctor, for example Asbestos, Ionising Radiations and Lead medical assessments.

Why health surveillance?

The aim of health surveillance is to identify work-related ill-health through systematic and appropriate medical assessments. It also helps in assessing the effectiveness of control measures in the workplace. The HSE has produced more than twenty guidance documents about different health surveillance programmes. Below is also the list of some of the relevant Regulations:

– Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
– Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations
– Ionising Radiations Regulations
– Control of Lead at Work Regulations
– Control of Vibration at Work Regulations
– Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations
– Work in Compressed Air Regulations
– Noise at Work Regulations

How our occupational health professionals can help?

We provide HSE appointed doctor services. It is important to know that most workers do not need any formal health surveillance. We would be able help you carry out a suitable risk assessment and establish whether or not you need to set up any health surveillance. If statutory health surveillance is required, we assist you in setting up an appropriate health surveillance programme in accordance with the relevant health and safety legislation and the HSE requirements.

We inform you of the outcome of the health surveillance assessment and advise if you need to take any actions ( eg restricted duties) We address the worker’s health issues ( eg further testing and referrals).

If you are unsure about using our occupational health services at the moment, please ensure that your occupational health provider has the suitable qualifications and evidence of competency in line with the HSE requirements. We would be more than happy to provide you with such evidence, if needed.