What does an OH Assessment involve?

This includes an assessment with the employee in relation to their medical problems and fitness for work followed by a medical report. The report will be issued to management/employer with the individual’s consent and will provide advice concerning fitness for work, appropriate adjustments/recommendations and any other occupational health advice that you may require, for example the Equality Act.

It is a legal requirement for the OH practitioner to obtain the employee’s consent before they release the report to the employer. Occupational Health is an advisory service and it is ultimately a managerial and not a medical decision as to whether the adjustments necessary are reasonable, and your operational requirements must be balanced against the needs of the employee .

What is different about OH Doctors’ qualifications?

Specialists in occupational medicine will have had in depth training and experience in occupational medicine and will be judged to be ‘fully knowledgeable in occupational medicine theory, practice and delivery’. They will be Members or Fellows of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and will have the letters MFOM or FFOM after their name. There are some practitioners who hold the qualification of AFOM (Associate of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine) or Diploma in Occupational Medicine Those who have these qualifications have core knowledge in occupational health but are not ‘specialists’.

If you are having quotes from other occupational health providers, please see the link below for further guidance on choosing an OH provider:


You can download a copy of our referral form by clicking here. You can also find useful information here which you can pass to your employee ahead of them attending the appointment.

More information about appointed doctors can be found by visiting the following website – http://www.hse.gov.uk/doctors/index.htm