Sickness Absence Management

Workforce Wellbeing Ltd is a specialist-led occupational health company who provide our services throughout the UK. We have the resources and qualified occupational health doctors to provide you with effective solutions and medical report to decisively manage short term and long terms sickness absences in your organisation.

We use a modern biopsychosocial approach to sickness absence management. In other words, we understand that sickness absence is not only a matter of a physical health problem, but people go off sick because of a combination of ill health, psychological issues and organisational and personal factors. Early intervention is critical. So, the sooner you address the issues, the better the chances are of the individual returning to their normal functioning and productivity in the workplace after sickness absence.

Many HR managers believe that the key to successful sickness absence management is access to professional occupational health advice. Recent research published by the CIPD and also the EEF survey indicate that GP’s fit note failed to improve sickness absence levels. According to the CIPD survey a staggering 90% of employers reported that GP fit note has not been effective in improving staff attendance.

When to refer to occupational health?

You may refer an employee to occupational health service:

Where they have had several episodes of short-term sickness absence
Where there is a concern that the existing medical problems are being aggravated by work duties
Where they may have difficulties coping on return to work after sickness absence
Where there is a long term sickness absence for example longer than 21-28 days

If you are unsure whether or not a referral is appropriate, you can contact us.

What to expect from an occupational health report?

We aim to help you effectively manage sickness absence cases. We provide you with evidence-based occupational health advice on:

Fitness for work issues
Likely time to return to work after sickness absence
Rehabilitation programmes and return to work strategies
Work adjustments under the Equality Act ( formerly DDA)
Long term prospects of the employee’s health status
Medical redeployment
Medical retirement

Our waiting time for an appointment is one week at present with a three day turnaround time for the occupational health report.