May I take this opportunity to thank you again for your continued support during this very difficult time.” (Private Client)

“Thank you so much for your time given on the telephone, it was quite refreshing to talk to someone who understands the condition, even my GP is not fully understanding of this condition.” (Patient)

“I cannot conceive a single criticism. Perfect balance of genuine empathy and assertiveness.” (Public sector client)

“Excellent communication both verbally and in written word.” (Manager)

Honest, Reliable and Trustworthy.” (Human Resources Manager)

“Dr xxx is a model Occupational Health Physician. His manner, attitude, subject knowledge and demeanour are unmatched by any other professional I have met in the field of medicine.” (Public sector client)

“Excellent team player and very approachable. Value their opinion highly.” (Manager)

“Courteous, helpful, informative, considerate, an excellent communicator.” (Manager)

“The feedback we received following your (occupational health training) presentation was very positive! “(OH Manager)

“The senior management team made the effort to come and tell me how beneficial the (hand arm vibration) presentation was.”(OH Manager)

“Excellent service at all times” (A Private Sector Client)

“Well done and keep up the good work.” (A Private Sector Client)

“I was very happy with work Workforce Wellbeing undertook for us and the assessments they sent through were very detailed and sent through in good time.” (Manager)

“Thank you for this and can you extend my thanks to the doctor for his report as well. We shall, of course, comply with his advice.” (Manager)

“Please thank the doctor for another exceptionally helpful report.” (Manager)

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the team for your help with this, it will make a huge difference for this client and their family at this difficult time.” (Manager)

“I’m delighted by the service we’ve received from all of you.” (Manager)

“I felt totally at ease and know that my health and wellbeing was at the forefront. A very kind and nice doctor.” (Patient)

“It was wonderful to talk to someone who understood my condition. It made me feel so much better.” (Patient)

“Very caring and understanding about my problems. Very good all round.” (Patient)

“All the clinicians we use via Workforce Wellbeing are professional, knowledgeable and great with the employees. They all get the management reports done in a timely manner and deal with any queries we have quickly.” (Manager)

“Our employee found your doctor to be very helpful and supportive when discussing her situation… and she felt he took the time to listen to her.” (Manager)

“I would also like to say what a lovely lady Dr X is, she is helpful, friendly and informative. I’d like to thank her for her time.” (Employee)

“Can I just say thank you for sending all these useful resources out, it really is helpful and much appreciated.” (Manager)

Please pass my regards to the doctor… his wise words and listening gave me the confidence to apply for a secondment which I have obtained… I am very grateful.” (Employee)

Many thanks for this and for dealing with the referral quickly and sensitively.” (Manager)